What we do

%e8%8b%b1%e6%96%87%e7%89%88-whatwedoApostolates of the Society of Jesus

Youth Ministry
To escort the young as they face the challenges of an ever-changing world on their journey toward the Presence of God, not just to enrich their own lives, but to reach out to better the lives of others.

To promote the message of Jesus in the gospels; to inculturate Christian values in contemporary society while respecting the customs and human values of local cultures.

Pastoral Ministry
Through the staffing of local churches to build Christian communities of faith in the service of their neighbors.

To provide schools and professional training based on Ignatian insights of creating men for others who will use their God-given talents to promote justice and charity for all.

Intellectual apostolate
To engage in scholarship, research, and writing to establish an intellectual background for the proper understanding and fostering of both Christian and human values.

Mass communication
To promote charity and justice, exemplify Christian values, and proclaim the word of God through the media of printed page, audio-visual presentation, electronic technology, the internet.

Social apostolate
To promote charity and justice through involvement in programs and institutions that will empower the poor, free the oppressed, improve a lot of workers, provide more equitable distribution of goods, develop ecological awareness, negotiate settlements, and bring the rich and powerful to the full realization of their responsibilities toward the less fortunate.

Spiritual guidance
To provide counseling and instruction to those seeking to find the will of God in their lives and to develop practices of prayer and devotion.

To lead others through the steps of St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises for spiritual discernment to discover and follow God’s mission for their lives.