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Announcement: CHN New Provincial

Dear Brothers, I am very happy to announce to the Province that Fr. General has missioned Fr. Stephen CHOW Sau-yan (周守仁) as the new Provincial. Fr. Stephen Chow will begin his new mission on January 1, 2018. He will continue to be Supervisor of the two Wah Yans and Chairman of the Commission for Education. Fr. Stephen Tong Chak-long (董澤龍) will replace Fr. Chow as Formator of Scholastics in Hong Kong and as member of the Province Commission for Formation, starting from Sept. 1, 2017. We are very grateful to Fr. John Lee Hua (李驊) for his dedication and zeal during these past six years as Provincial. After finishing his term as Provincial, Lee Hua will have a well-deserved sabbatical. Fr. Stephen Chow will surely need our prayers and fraternal support as he prepares himself for his new mission. May all of us continue to be fully available for mission! Fraternally in Christ, Luciano Socius