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Process for canonisation cause of Fr Pedro Arrupe underway

The Society of Jesus has taken the first steps towards the beatification cause of Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ, who was Superior General from 1965 to 1983. Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ announced this at the International Association of Jesuit Universities meeting in Bilbao, Spain when he addressed the 300 Jesuit and lay participants. “We are still at the beginning of the process, but the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, Angelo de Donatis, has given the approval that the Diocese of Rome open the process of beatification”. Fr Sosa described Fr Arrupe as “a man of truth rooted in Christ and dedicated to the mission, whose greatest miracle is that we are here today”. He asked for prayers for Fr Arrupe’s cause and the collaboration of anyone with useful information about religious devotion to the former Superior General. This massive task of compiling a list of 120 witnesses, especially those who personally knew Fr Arrupe, should “be finished in about a year,” Fr Pascual Cebollada SJ, General Postulator of the Society of Jesus, told Catholic News Service on July 13. Fr Cebollada, who is responsible for overseeing the sainthood causes of Jesuits, will also collect all of Fr Arrupe’s writings. Once he has the list of potential witnesses and all the writings, the formal opening of Fr Arrupe’s sainthood cause will be opened by the Diocese of Rome, which is the diocese where Fr Arrupe died. “I can tell you that these witnesses will be from various places: from Spain where he……

The Jesuits

In one way or another, we have all felt moved by Christ’s call: Come! Follow me! Inspired by the example of Ignatius, we want to be companions of Jesus, sharing his work of love in our world. Jesuits ordinarily live together in communities, some small and others large, depending on the kinds of ministries in which they are engaged. Sometimes a Jesuit will live alone because his work or study places him at a distance from a local community, but he remains attached to a larger community. Jesuits share all things in common, owning nothing in their own name. Jesuits derive strength for their ministries from their relationship with Jesus in prayer, as well as from the mutual support, understanding and encouragement they receive from their brother Jesuits.

The Founder –St. Ignatius

Ignatius was born Inigo Lopez de Loyola in 1491, the youngest son of a Spanish nobleman in the Basque area of northern Spain. “Up to the age of twenty-six, he was”, as he says in his Autobiography, “a man given to the follies of the world: and what he enjoyed most was warlike sport, with a great and foolish desire to win fame.” His ambition to pursue the glorious career of a soldier and knight at court was cut short in a battle at Pamplona. Refusal to surrender in a losing cause against French invaders resulted in one of his legs being shattered by a cannonball. The French soldiers were so impressed with his bravery they had him carried back to his home in Loyola. “As he was much given to reading worldly books of fiction … when he felt better he asked to be given some of them to pass the time. But in that house none of those that he usually read could be found, so they gave him a Life of Christ and a book of the lives of the saints…” (Autobiography). In this way God kindled in him an entirely new and different ambition, namely to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and dedicate his whole life to following completely in the footsteps of Jesus. As soon as he had recovered enough strength Ignatius left home intending to spend his life in prayer and penance. In a symbolic gesture at a shrine of the Blessed Mother in……

Origin of Jesuits

The first step in the creation of the Society of Jesus was taken in 1534 when Ignatius Loyola and seven companions in the church of Montmarte in Paris promised that when their studies were finished they would continue their association, live lives of evangelical poverty and go on mission to Jerusalem. They called themselves “friends in the Lord”. The founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius Loyola, was born in Spain in 1491 in the northern Basque Region. The son of a nobleman, he grew up with the dream of becoming a courageous soldier and courtier in the service of the king. However in 1521 at the age of 30 his right leg was shattered in battle by a cannon ball and he had to be carried home for a long period of convalescence. During that time he had nothing to read but some religious books about the life of Christ and the saints. Under the influence of these books in isolation from the world, Ignatius began to pray and fast, do penance and good works and resolved to offer his life to Christ. The first seeds of the Society of Jesus had been planted. Whenever we reflect on the life of a great man, we can ask ourselves “in the final analysis, did the times make the man or did the man make the times?” In the case of Ignatius both statements are true. Ignatius was born right at the end of the eight hundred year long Middle Ages. Europe……

Who we are

Companions of Jesus The Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) is a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church with members spread throughout the world. There are presently in Taiwan 200 Jesuits coming from 25 countries. Jesuits are continuing the mission of Jesus Christ to preach, teach, heal, and reconcile. We ponder and interpret what God is saying in our hearts and we hope that finding God in all things we may with all our strength proclaim His glory. We are ready to follow God under even the most difficult circumstances, to enter into and engage in dialogue with those of other faiths, cultures and value systems, and to stand in the front lines in the pursuit of justice and peace, bringing the message of the gospel that all men are yearning for deep in their hearts.