• Process for canonisation cause of Fr Pedro Arrupe underway

    The Society of Jesus has taken the first steps towards the beatification cause of Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ, who was Superior General from 1965 to 1983. Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ announced this at the International Association of Jesuit Universities meeting in Bilbao, Spain when he addressed the 300 Jesuit and lay participants. “We are still at the beginning of the process, but the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, Angelo de Donatis, has given the approval that the Diocese of Rome open the process of beatification”. Fr Sosa described Fr Arrupe as “a man of truth rooted in Christ and dedicated to the mission, whose greatest miracle is that we are here today”. He asked for prayers for Fr Arrupe’s cause and the collaboration of anyone with useful information about religious devotion to the former Superior General. This massive task of compiling a list of 120 witnesses, especially those who personally knew Fr Arrupe, should “be finished in about a year,” Fr Pascual Cebollada SJ, General Postulator of the Society of Jesus, told Catholic News Service on July 13. Fr Cebollada, who is responsible for overseeing the sainthood causes of Jesuits, will also collect all of Fr Arrupe’s writings. Once he has the list of potential witnesses and all the writings, the formal opening of Fr Arrupe’s sainthood cause will be opened by the Diocese of Rome, which is the diocese where Fr Arrupe died. “I can tell you that these witnesses will be from various places: from Spain where he……

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