• The way forward for JCAP

    Discernment. Collaboration. Mission. These three words were used frequently during last week’s Major Superiors Assembly of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific. From beginning to end, the meeting was a period of grace, a time for the major superiors to step aside from their province concerns and come together to discern how best to move forward as one Jesuit Conference of provinces, regions and missions in the Asia Pacific region. From this prayerful beginning, they covered considerable ground over the rest of the week. They spent time talking about how they would discern the universal apostolic preferences in their provinces and as a Jesuit Conference, as requested by Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ in recent documents. They reviewed a self-assessment of JCAP’s Way of Proceeding as asked in General Congregation 36, Decree 2. The underlying aim of this study is to ensure that governance in the Society of Jesus is constantly renewed to “better serve and support the Society’s mission, the Missio Dei”. “The self-assessment showed us our giftedness, but we also realised our weaknesses and the invitations of the Spirit to move forward,” said Fr Tony Moreno SJ, who took over as President of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific in November 2017. “We will continue to assess ourselves as a conference as we discern the way forward for JCAP.” Fr Oh In-don SJ shared a proposal to Father General for the development of a structure for collaboration in the universal Society of Jesus. He was JCAP’s representative at……

  • The Jesuits

    In one way or another, we have all felt moved by Christ’s call: Come! Follow me! Inspired by the example of Ignatius, we want to be companions of Jesus, sharing his work of love in our world. Jesuits ordinarily live together in communities, some small and others large, depending on the kinds of ministries in which they are engaged. Sometimes a Jesuit will live alone because his work or study places him at a distance from a local community, but he remains attached to a larger community. Jesuits share all things in common, owning nothing in their own name. Jesuits derive strength for their ministries from their relationship with Jesus in prayer, as well as from the mutual support, understanding and encouragement they receive from their brother Jesuits.

  • Ways to Donate

    The work of the Jesuits in the service of faith and the promotion of justice is made possible by he generous support of friends and benefactors who believe in the value of what we do, whether it is running schools and parishes; advocating for disaster risk planning; or accompanying, serving and advocating for the rights of the poor and of migrants. Fr.Rabago works in the Chinese province of Jesuit to implement many projects for half century. His story is the best evidence to live for love. YES! I want to donate for supporting Fr.Rabago To learn more about how you can get involved, please contact the following Jesuit Development Office staff for assistance: Tracy Lee, chndevelopmentoffice@gmail.com +886 2 2321-2442 ext.500